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Together we'll explore how creative audio could be combined with environmentally friendly blockchain tech to help podcasters earn money and grow their audience.

  • Learn as we learn, we'll share the highs and lows of our own foray into using NFTs for good.
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  • Get an invitation to mint the Curious Companion NFT as we release new batches on Solsea.


The world's first generative podcast NFT

This project is an experiment in podcasting on the Solana blockchain.

It's designed to explore how podcasters can make creative, unique content for their audience, and earn from their work.

We believe that NFTs used to empower creators and communities can be a force for good, without sacrificing the health of our planet.

Why the Solana blockchain?

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The first newsletter and discussion space for NFT-curious podcasters

  • Learn how we made our first podcast NFT and how you could make your own.
  • Join a group of NFT-curious podcasters for live events and discussions.
  • Be the first to get updates and access to our own experiments.
  • Follow along as we investigate if there's a way we can use NFTs for good.

Join a bunch of NFT-curious podcasters looking to use NFTs for good.

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