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Colin Gray - CEO at The Podcast Host & Alitu

Learn 9 Ways you Can Ship Your Podcast Faster

  • Seasons: Plan a season at a time, and record in batches. Plus, find out how to use listener content to save you time and connect with your audience. No more struggling for time, or ideas.
  • Consider going solo: No diaries to organise, no going off topic, fewer sound problems and more authority for you! Let's talk about why you should consider going solo for a while, if you're not already.
  • Repurposing content: Already got written or video content elsewhere? If so, you've likely got a treasure trove of material to work with. Let's talk about why and how.
  • Live recording: Recording live is a great way to save time and stop stressing about editing, but there's some pointers you should follow to do it right.
  • Interview booking: If you run an interview-style show you know that sometimes it can be challenging to coordinate. Let's talk about a few ways you can minimise the faff.
  • Planning with Notion: Unpack your brain into a structured document that'll help you feel more in control, and help you when it's time to promote.
  • Interview prep: Do you prepare your interviewees for the show? Does it go beyond prepping for certain questions? There's more you can do to help the flow of your interview before even hitting record.
  • Click editing: If you have to edit out mistakes, this easy method will save you a tonne of time.
  • Minimum Effective Editing: It's easy to get obsessive about details. The truth is that your listeners want an authentic listening experience, let's talk about what level of editing is actually important.
  • Software to improve your workflow & a checklist to get you started: A whistlestop tour of Alitu, our tool built to help podcasters with the full podcasting workflow from recording to publishing, and a checklist to help you action what you've learnt today.

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